Kevin Cronin

Kevin Cronin

A Cleveland attorney, I am working to create a greener future and a more healthy, educated, connected community. I am active with ClevelandBikes, Green Energy Ohio, University Settlement and other public computer centers and the local theater and arts scene. Some ancient history -- after law school, I worked for Congress in a variety of capacities, including as a counsel to one of the oldest committees in Congress, but now I'm just glad to be back home in Cleveland.

My Recent Activity

Orchestra Musicians Strike

I responded to Orchestra Musicians Strike: Musians and orchestra management benefit from stability. Growth can be plotted and shared. To...

Merger Makes Sense for Regional Economic Growth

There are a myriad of reasons why East Cleveland and Cleveland should merge and I am sure we will get into them. One point I wish to make at the outset is it makes economic sense for both. Merger will create stability and...

Strengthening Regional Cohesion

I responded to Bike Cleveland: I think a part of the process of building cohesion is investing in widely appreciated assets. For...

Bike Cleveland

Jacob VanSickle here, executive director of Bike Cleveland. For Northeast Ohio to become a cohesive region we need to collectively become more competitive. To be more competitive we need to change the mindset in our... Continue reading

Strengthening Regional Cohesion

I responded to Akshai Singh: I think this is an important, but unaddressed point. If our regional population and economy is...

Akshai Singh

Vibrant NEO has found that building further and further out will lead to increasingly unaffordable infrastructure costs for both capital and operation and maintenance. Furthermore, with the pressing issues of climate... Continue reading

Digital Inclusion/Digital Divide Online Forum

I responded to Tom Miller: Tom, there is a broader concept than just digital access between parents and schools.  Schools...

Tom Miller

  Schools should invest in digital inclusion as a means to strengthen and redefine their parent engagement strategies.   Investing in parent's digital literacy pays back throughout the child’s progression from pre-K... Continue reading

Digital Inclusion/Digital Divide Online Forum

I responded to Lev Gonick: I think it's important to match tasks and tools. There are some uses that are easily and...

Lev Gonick

Is the smartphone the answer? People seem to know how to use the smartphone. The user interface is pretty intuitive.  The "apps" world is a one-click eco-system. Can increases in underserved and minority populations'... Continue reading

Digital Inclusion/Digital Divide Online Forum

I responded to Digital Inclusion/Digital Divide Online Forum: There is so much discussion about technology that we risk losing track on the essential skills...

Perceptions of North Coast Harbor

I responded to Kevin Piunno: Connectivty is always important and can always improve.  This area is actually the northern bike...

Kevin Piunno

The North Coast Harbor to me is an Island with a Name that doesn't really say anything. In order for this question to be answered properly I would recommend this movement first get a map that shows the entire North Coast... Continue reading

Perceptions of North Coast Harbor

I responded to Downtown Cleveland Alliance: I don't think it's the name, so much as the lack of activity that defines the area.  I...

Downtown Cleveland Alliance

What do you think of when you hear the name of the Cleveland district known as “North Coast Harbor”?

Renewal of the sin tax, expires 2015 &Pro Sports

I responded to Brian Cummins: Through taxes and bonds, how widely are costs for stadiums and the like shared?  If these sports...

Brian Cummins

Thanks for bringing that up Kevin!   I've added the following chart as well as link to the Plain Dealer article (4.18.20110) that lists out all the various taxes and fees being collected by the county and city, including... Continue reading